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Project Manager

Experience in Mainframe, Client/Server, and Web based environments.  Background encompasses business and technical analysis, design and system management, and implementation across multiple platforms.  Has extensive staff management background, project management expertise, data center management, and technology management within a number of industries. 


Hardware:                 AS/400, IBM Mainframes, IBM PCs and compatibles, HP 9000 UNIX

Software:                Novel Netware, OS/400, HP Unix, MS Access, MS Project, Erwin, MS Publisher, Visio

Languages:                OS/400 Control Language, SQL, Visual Basic



Professional Experience

R&R Associates, Kennett Square, PA  (1990-present)

Keane  - Mortgage Company

Provided project management and business analysis expertise in the design and development of two web based applications.  Evaluated requirements and code from an existing application for portability to the new application.  The flow of the existing application which determined the clients eligibility for this special offering and then transferred them to the vendors site if they requested it was flow charted utilizing Visio to determine the level of effort necessary to implement the new application.  As another project, managed an effort to develop a secure web site, which would process an Internet message from a subsidiary secure web site and return an account record.  This resulted in second mortgage loan information now being available to clients of the subsidiary site.  The effort involved achieving consensus among eight different organizations involving four different consulting groups and three divisions, producing a common project plan, tracking compliance, and insuring necessary visibility to achieve delivery.


Business Innovations  - Insurance Organization

Helped to manage a software and hardware selection project for the purpose of combining the processing requirements of 14 different Insurance Agencies involved in the organization.  Performed extensive business analysis of the insurance offerings and process flow within the agencies.  Produced the needed business requirements that ultimately defined the software selection process.



·          Managed the implementation of an accounts receivable system.  Recruited, trained, and directed a team of eight consultants and four internal people in the development and implementation process.  Performed the necessary business analysis functions to insure that the software selection was appropriate for the environment.  Continually reviewed the requirements to perform successful modifications and directed his staff to document all changes to the requirements.  Supported the operating departments in implementing the daily patient accounting procedures necessary to support the new software.  Modified the implementation plan for each of the locations to accommodate the differing environments and still achieve a successful implementation.

·         Managed an operations environment involving HP UNIX technology, a NETWARE network, and an AS400 system.  Spent a substantial amount of time meeting with the business users in order to better understand the requirements of the various interfaces between the various functions.  Maintained and developed disaster recovery backup and brought two computer rooms into compliance with fire codes and safety options.

·         Managed the implementation of NETWARE 5 across the network, which included upgrades to COMPAQ servers and CISCO routers.

·         Participated in the development of the year 2000 strategic plan and the development of the budget necessary to support both the growth of the existing data center environment and the accounts receivable implementation and ongoing support.


Keane  - Manufacturing Company

Participated in the development of a Sybase application utilizing Power Builder.  Supervised three programmers in the development and implementation of changes to the application.  Implemented an ISO 9000 testing process, and the interface process with the business users to achieve approval and implementation of these changes.  Utilized a data-modeling product (Erwin) to develop models for both of the applications he supported to serve as a basis for the Data Warehouse under development as a part of the SAP implementation effort. 


Olsten Staffing Services  - Insurance Company

·          Managed the development of an Internet interface for the company’s external customer base.  Migrated mainframe data from a number of systems through a data warehouse to Sybase.  Web code was developed to extract data from the Sybase server and produce an output file in Microsoft Access format for transmission to the business user.  Functioned as the interface between the technical organizations and the project team.  In this capacity insured that the appropriate hardware was delivered and operational when it was needed.  Organized and managed the effort to model both the NT and UNIX environments when it became necessary to move the Sybase product fro NT to UNIX.  This project was substantially impacted by problems with data integrity from the data warehouse.  The effort to resolve data conflicts required substantial research of the legacy systems providing the data to populate the warehouse.  A modeling effort was launched to attempt to resolve the data problems over a period of time.

·         Managed a project to utilize Lotus Notes for a commercial insurance application.  Utilized a scanner located in each branch location to create a Lotus file from the numerous documents that made up a commercial insurance application where Lotus Notes was utilized to track the movement of the application through the various approval and review steps to completion.  Functioned as the technical interface insuring that issues between the various groups were resolved in a timely manner to permit the initial implementation.  Insured the timely resolution of issues during the implementation.



Participated in a Microsoft Access project to interface host systems to a PC based manufacturing planning system.  Significantly improved the interface process to produce more consistent feeds and reports necessary to insure continuity between the two environments.


Scott Paper Company

Participated in development of VAX Cobol subsystems for a timekeeping system being utilized by multiple divisions.


Smith Kline Beecham Animal Health

·         Managed a project to develop a LAN database implementation to permit the presence of both departmental databases and a corporate database.  The implementation utilized Paradox 3.5 with plans to migrate to Paradox for Windows.  The Business Requirements process was an ongoing activity as each of the four departments sharing the database discovered additional capabilities.   Because of the visibility to senior management it was necessary to constantly negotiate ownership of various pieces of the data.  Adjusted the size of the project team from 1 to four people depending on the requirements being worked.

·         Managed the integration of Lotus 123 Datalens interfaces to the Paradox database. This environment required the ability to extract data from Lotus spreadsheets into the database without reentry.


Broughton Systems  - Hamilton Beach / Proctor Silex

·          Managed a Data Center upgrade from a 9370 model 90 to an ES9000 model 150.  This project was required to support a standalone CICS system purchased from a vendor.

·          Managed a Data Center upgrade from a systems38 to an AS400 model D45 intended to interface to a Token Ring based Wide area network.

·          Managed a project to develop a plan to migrate the company wide network from token ring to Ethernet.


            Was employed by Keane from 9/2000 Through 1/2001 and 3/97 through 2/98, by Olsten Staffing Services from 7/95 through 7/96, and by Hamilton Beach / Proctor Silex from 3/91 through 8/91.


SEI Incorporated, Wayne, PA (1987-1990)

·         Managed a project to achieve control of the nationwide network, which included over 3000 terminals, printers, and microcomputers divided between a nationwide multidrop network and over 20 SNI point to point internetwork gateways.  Documentation and tracking of the network was achieved by utilizing a combination of a problem tracking, change control and inventory management system under CICS called Netman, and internally written code.  Substantial efforts were expended with the various vendors to obtain electronic input of billing information and develop the necessary interfaces to enable resolution of the monthly bills.  These efforts combined with numerous clerical projects resulted in a reduction in network costs in excess of 2.5 million dollars while the number of terminals increased by thirty percent.  Careful monitoring of line and terminal utilization combined with careful control of vendor maintenance contract negotiations was expected to further reduce this cost.

·         Managed the Print and Distribution organization to correct a morale and management problem and begin to transition the organization to an output services organization.  The managers were reassigned to areas where they could be more successful and new managers were recruited from other departments.  The organization assumed second call responsibility for all Harris RJE printers in the network as the first phase of controlling all the output generated by the data center.  Projects were begun to institute necessary tracking of transmitted output within the new release of the print control software.

·         Managed a project to develop a plan for the next major expansion of the network to utilize 56kb circuits.  This new network would support developing data download requirements and gradually phase out the existing 9.6kb network.  Part of this plan also called for the alternate routing of fiber backbones to separate Central Offices to utilize cost efficiencies of T1 multiplexing and further improve network reliability.  The plans for this project were finalized in the spring of 1990 when the vendors were able to deliver satisfactory solutions.

·         Managed a project to develop plans to implement an electronic mail system based on IBM PROFS running on a 9370-50.  The pilot phase of this project was completed in October of 1989.


Boeing Computer Services, Tinicum, PA (1980-1987)

Managed the following functions: Operating Systems, Performance Planning and Reporting, Online Systems, Network Systems, and Database Systems. The scope of this job involved a data center with two mainframes and two front ends interfacing to five major data centers and supporting over 1,000 terminals.


Previous positions included manager, systems programmer, programmer, and computer operator.



Engineering and Mathematics studies at Purdue University, University of Delaware, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

PMP certification prep courses.